Bounce rate 100% but transitions show visitors moved on

I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I have noticed that sometimes I have a page with 100% bounce rate, but when I look at the transitions it shows that visitors did go on to other pages. So how come the bounce rate is 100%?

I’m grateful if anyone can give me a clue to this mystery.
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Could you post screenshot(s) showing this issue?

Here are some screenshots of my mystery.
Two pictures are rather old, and two are from today.
Here you can see the page /livsmedel in the report Pages and it has a bouce rate (Avvikelsefrekvens in Swedish) of 100%.

But when you look at the transitions you can see visitors moved on to other pages. For exampel 50 % moved on to the page /insidan/.

Here’s another example. Here you can see that visitor moved on to other pages, for example 67 % went to the page …/miljoprogram-och-mal.

If we look at the bounce rate of the same page in the report Pages we see a 100% bounce rate (marked with a red circle).

Any ideas why there’s such a diffrence?


thanks for posting your screenshots here. I have found a similar bug report in our tracker here: Pages - Bounce Rate 100% , Transitions show traffic to subsite instead of exit · Issue #6225 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

maybe you’d like to post your screenshot and findings in this bug report?

Thank you for taking time to check this out!
Of course I will post my screenshot in the bug report. I hope the bug isn’t too hard to fix.
Do you have any idea when you will fix this bug?


Hi Evelyn

Unfortunately we don’t have enough resource at the moment so it may take a while. If you need this bug fixed faster, you are welcome to contact us for professional services: Contact the Piwik team - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hi again!
OK! I understand. Thanks!