Blank site after log in

Hi guys,

I have updated to 0.4.5. Now I get a blank screen after log in. There is no automatic redirect to the dashboard. I have to reload the index.php before getting the dashboard.

Can somebody help me please?

Clear your browser cache and clean out the files in piwik/tmp.

Ok, thank you for reply. I did what you said. I have cleared the browser cache several times and cleaned out the tmp-files on the sever. Sadly without success, the problem is still there. Any other idea?

Could it be a problem with the proxy cache?

Edit: It works with IE 7 but not with Firefox 3.5.2. I deleted all cookies and - again - the cache. No change…

Try disabling all third-party add-ons/extensions in Firefox. If you’re not able to isolate the cause, send a PM with login information, and we’ll take a look.