Bitnami EC2 Instance 1.6 ETA?

Does anyone know when we might see a Bitnami EC2 instance containing Piwik 1.6?


Ask Bitnami.

I wish I could ask Bitnami. I’ve tried several times, with different browsers, to log in to the Bitnami Forum web site so that I could post a message. When I log in using my Google account, it doesn’t recognize that I am logged in (still shows the Login link), and I can’t post.

Does anyone know at least historically how long it’s been between the time of a Piwik release and the time of a Bitnami AMI release for that version?



I’m Beltran from BitNami. Sorry about the login issues in the forum. We have released BitNami for Piwik 1.6.0 last week and we will try to update future versions as soon as possible.


Hi Beltran

Thanks for the follow up - I recommend to sign up on email changelog list at Changelog Archive - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks! I will subscribe it.