Big discrepancies between GAU and Piwik

Hi, am very new to Piwik, and web analytics in general. However, am curious about something I saw today, comparing piwik data to google analytics.

This is for a very new site, with hardly any web profile as of yet.

Anyway, today piwik showed 11 unique visits, 5 bounces, 20 page views at over 100 secs per visit average.

Meanwhile, Google Analytics showed 12 unique visits, 12 bounces, 0 pages and 0 secs per visit…

Which one is right? How could they be so different? Who am I to trust??

your sample is way too small… you need to have thousands of visits per day to see if there is a significant difference… but from my experience overall piwik and google analytic agree pretty much - often to the degree of exactly the same number, eg 446 unique visitors -…, at least when it comes to bounce, unique visitors and pageviews…time on page is not accurate on either platform.