Better reports about referrer URLs

We would like to see more referring urls in Matomo with more details.

For example the report Outlinks show me the links used to leave my site, but I can not see on which page that link is.

Another example: the report Websites show me from which domains my visitors came from. But I can not see which page they visited on my site. I would want to drill down and see that all visitors coming from a site went to a page and see which page. Creating segments for all referring sites is too time consuming. We often have more than 100 referring sites.

Another example is the campaign reports. I see that my visitors come to my site through a campaign, but I can not track where they have been before or where they are going afterwards.

Another example: the report Downloads show me what has been downloaded on my site. But I can not see on which page the downloading took place. If I have two links to the same pdf I can not know which has been used the most. I need to see the referring page to the downloads.

And, I would like to be able to export all the referring information from each report. I would like to get the referring urls into Excel.

I hope this can be done as it would enhance significantly the power of Matomo. Let me know if you need more information/examples from me.

Best regards.

Nothing new about referrers? Are there any plans of making it easier to get data about referrers in Matomo?
We would really benefit from this and it would be a very useful report.
All my best.