Better Plugins Management page


I’m calling for a better Plugins Management page. I don’t know why, I wandered into that dark and humid territory today, only to find that there is a wealth of plugins that are activated. Since I didn’t activate (or deactivate for that matter) any plugin, I surmise that this is the default set of plugins that are activated in a vanilla Piwik installation.

I was about to disable most of them (the activated plugins) when I realized, after the second or third plugin in a row, that it was taking too long in my book: deactivating one plugin led to a page reloading. So I have a suggestion.

Instead of having a “Deactivate” link in the “Action” column, how about having a chechbox in that very cell, along with a single big “Activate/Deactivate” (or “Toggle status”) button for the entire table? That way, managing X plugins wouldn’t require waiting X times for the page to reload.

What do you think?