Best way to separate data from development/testing/staging/demo domains and production

We are interested in setting up Matomo. Matomo will need to report analytics for a single page application created with angularjs which is being developed, tested, staged for acceptance and demoed with.

We want to separate the data coming from these domains so they will not mix with our production domains analytics. We could setup 2 different Matomo environments but we were wondering whether there are better ways to separate them.

Is there a way to group domains together and have analytics per group and individual sites? or do you have some other solution?

thanks in advance


I am not sure I understand your problem. If you want to track your development and live site separately what’s wrong with adding two separate websites in Matomo and switch between two siteIDs on build?

If we want to see total users of all websites together we do not want to see the visits from all non production sites.

On the following page in the demo we can see the total users but this would be poluted if websites are in there which are non-production.


In that case you could:

  • remove view rights to non-production Matomo sites
  • create a seperate non-production Matomo site
  • don’t use tracking at all in non-production sites and remove the tracking code from them. (Maybe hard if you wan’t to test the integration)