Best way to chart/visualise Matomo Events?

Hi, so I’m a Front-End Developer. My company is using Matomo to track all of our analytics. We have coded in some Matomo events on our site, for example, when a user visits a page, clicks a button, makes a purchase, etc.

I would like to have a large Dashboard with several small sections, each showing a chart with different information. Mainly, I want to see a chart with several different lines, one for each product, so we can compare sales over time. I have tried, and this doesn’t seem possible via Matomo’s native dashboards.

I might have to use a third-party charting library and Matomo’s API. Is this the best way to go about this? If there are step-by-step instructions anywhere, that would be a great help!

Hi Colm,

I think you already tried to use the dashboard management:

(also available for the dashboard layout)

Did you also try the CustomReports premium plug-in?