Best solutino for Wordpress, cookie consent, opt-out

(Ben) #1


I have imho a huge problem. Maybe because I don’t understand it. Hopefully some of you can maybe teach me what the best way is.

Basically I have Wordpress, Cookiebot with prior consent and Matomo installed.

To be GDPR compliant, I have to ask the user if Matomo analytics cookies are alright. And if not, Matomo has to set an ignore cookie.

Since there is more than Matomo cookies on the website, I wanted to use Cookiebot for cookie consent management.

It just doesn’t seem to work well with each other. How can I tell Cookiebot to set an ignore cookie, if the user decides to revoke or decline analytics cookies.

And opt-out via iframe doesn’t work because iframes need prior consent as well.

I’m so confused.

Just what is the best way to have cookie consent, opt-out and ignore cookie setup correctly?

(Lukas Winkler) #2


Not necessarily (if you completely anonymise data you don’t need the consent of the user), but I can’t give you legal advice and your way is definitely also fine.

There are quite a few ways you can implement something like this with Matomo.

If you don’t want to track users until they give an opt-in, you can do this like this:

If you want to have an better integrated way for the opt-out than the iFrame, you can do the same (set a cookie) via Javascript: