Best practise for tracking multiple content pieces within on content block


I tried to use content tracking and everything works fine, but now I need some guidance for the following scenario:

The page that will be tracked contains many different blocks, where an author can add content elements. Each block can contain many different content elements and each element can have many different content targets. If more content elements are added than space is available a carousel ist.

What is the best approach for tracking the content?

I tried to use the following structure, but this seems not to be working:

<div data-track-content data-content-name="the first block">
<div data-content-piece="content_1">
Some text with <a href="..." data-content-target="url1" /> or with <a href="..." data-content-target="url2" />
<div data-content-piece="content_2">
Some text with <a href="..." data-content-target="url3" /> or with <a href="..." data-content-target="url4" />

Any hint or best practise is welcome :slight_smile:



This scenario is not supported currently. I found this within the Docs.

Attributes always take precedence over CSS classes. If you set the same attribute or the same class on multiple elements within one block, the first element found will always win. Nested content blocks are currently not supported.