Best practice migrating GA structure to Matomo structure

Hi all!

Client is considering migrating from GA to Matomo and I’m thinking bout the approach for the migration.

Client has 1 “brand” but different translated URLs for each language. (ie:,, etc)
Client is using the same GA property on all domains but different views with filter on /en, /fr, /de.

Client will be using on-premise setup.

  1. How should i re-create this in Matomo? Should I create different websites in Matomo? Or is it possible to put it under 1 website as well with different “views”? I didn’t see any option for views in the documentation. For the collective data I will be using the roll-up reporting add-on then.

  2. If we do use separate websites, how can we import the historical Google Analytics data to the separate websites in Matomo?

  3. Same question with importing Google search console data…

Bump please! Need to know this for a possible client.

Did you check the FAQ? Creating seperate websites would be my preferred choice.

You can use 1 site (measurable) on matomo if you configure well, all data will be collected in the same place, then you can use segments to separate / compare the data.
Configuration of the measurable:

Configuration of the tracking code:

The roll-up is also possible but offers less features, in my point of view.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I was in contact with support and apparently it is possible to import separate views into different websites. In fact it is mandatory enter a view ID.

I was able to test it with a trial account and different views.

TL;DR : yes, you need/can make different websites for each view in GA.