Being able to label IP's

it would be neat to be able to attach labels to IP’s. For example… Let say I have a poster that is in germany, and i determine that his IP is whatever. Then I could put a label on his IP so that i would be able to see what he is doing etc… (Mom)
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Might be fun anywho.

at least where I live the users have steadily changing (at least daily) IPs. Therefore I don’t think that makes much sense.

[quote=“Thomas Seifert”]
at least where I live the users have steadily changing (at least daily) IPs. Therefore I don’t think that makes much sense.[/quote]

Hi to you all
I’m new here but an old user of PIWIK.
What your are asking could be very very usefull to identify special guests when you write an
article for someone in particular. (your girlfriend for exemple :wink: )
I remember that i’ve red something how to do that on the forum, but it was very hard coded.
It may be easyer now with the Custom Variables…
Who could find us an idea to add a column with an information like “ID” ?
Thank you very much !

You can now do this with Custom Variables!

Check it out: Custom Variables Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

You have to call the JS function on at least one of the page of the visit.

Thank you for your answer Matt. (and your help)

I’ve been now using the custom vaiables and don’t really understand if it’s able to do what i’m looking for :

The aim would be to add an information thru the dashborad (or logs) about the IP,
the information about the ID of the person.

In that way, when the IP is back, you can read that ID name you added before.
That would be neat, instead of reading an IP and looking at a Table to know who is the person.

I hope to be understood.
Sorry for my bad English.
Thank you very much for the answer.

Evidently, for Piwik to show the content of the custom variable on the dashboard, one must modify the code of one of the widgets so it show it.

Or maybe to ask for a Custom Variables widget ?

Custom variables are displayed in the Visitor Log so you can view it there. we should also display the custom variables in the Live! widget at some point.

Interesting… I didn’t know.
Could be usefull if my project of making some kind of social site for gamers of my province ever became reality.
Thanks for the information.

Thank you Matt,
custom variables are great but can you tell us a bit more about labelling IPs, please ?
Will it be possible to label them thru the dashboard ?
Or an other widget ?
I saw that it was on the “todo” list of Live! plugin, can we know aproximatly when this will be on ?
Is there any tryes from someone who already programed something about that ?

I’m a newbe but, I’m actualy working on a simple grid, showing the content of the ‘piwik_log_visit’ table in
a separate page (in PHP) and the possibility to edit some fields and add the informations.
I use the custom variable field to fill it with the IP label…(still looking for a simple way
to decode the IP from the right field)

Thank you very much for your work, time and answers !

Nobody to help me ?

No, you can’t label an IP via the dashboard/UI.

Maybe this can done as part of the work on Annotations (events)?


We too have a requirement to display the custom variables in the Live! widget. Please hint on the changes to be done.