Beginner problems with tag manager for WordPress

Please hold on responding to this post. I’m still a little confused by the fact that the Visits Log is current, but the Behaviour reports are not real-time. I wonder how frequently the Behaviour reports get updated. I need to do more testing. Sorry to have posted this a bit prematurely.

I am learning to use Tag Manager on my WordPress site. To add a tracking code in the Wordpress Matamo Analytics plugin settings, I have a choice of:-

  • Default tracking
  • Enter Manually
  • Tag Manager

Problem 1: Pageviews are no longer tracked
When I select Tag Manager for tracking, and then create a new tag to detect scrolling events, Matomo successfully tracks the scrolling events but no long tracks page views, and I have to add a pageview tag if I want appropriate tracking.

Question: What is the best practice for setting up the tracking code with WordPress so that I can track page views AND tags? (For example, should I select “Default tracking” in the plugin settings, then add my tag container script to my header as well?)

Problem 2 [RESOLVED]: Tag manager Preview does not work in my Chrome or Safari browsers, but does work in Firefox. Has anyone else had this problem?. It was a relief when I found it worked with Firefox.
…Addendum: Ok, I’ve got Preview working in both Chrome and Safari after clearing the browser cache. So, as mentioned in training video “09. Preview, Debug, Publish”, in case anyone else has this problem, you need to clear your browser cache if you can’t see the Preview screen segment.

I have a similar question as you, OP.

What is the best practice for installing MTM, if I am using WP-Matomo as a bridge to Matomo On-premise?

Install it manually in WP-Matomo
Install via Code Snippet

Also, should the Matomo Analytics script be added as a tag in MTM or let it run on its own?

Yes, I agree @alderson59. We would benefit for more clarity around best practices for installing. In my case, I’m using Matamo for Wordpress.

By the way, I ended up re-summarising my issues on the WordPress plugin support forum here and got a helpful response but I haven’t had time to progress the issues.

Thank you for the help