Base frame for a plugin


currently I am working on a customization script which should perform a number of changes on the .css files to give the piwik dashboard a diffrent appearance.

The script works fine but now I want to put the script in a plugin which can easily be activated and be integrated in the Piwik aministrator settings interface.

My idea was it to generate by activation a new tab in the admin menu in which two radiobuttons activate the customized layout respectivley the standard Piwik layout and reload the page with the new design.

For this reason I tried to adapt the the functionality from some plugins which do more or less the same function which I need for my implementation (only display same information in a new tab), but I wasn´t successfull :-(.

Can anybody help my with this tricky project. The ulitmate help would be a base frame for this project that creates on activation in the plugin menu a new tab in which i can store my PHP/HTML functionality.

Best regards and thank you in advance for your help

It sounds like you want to implement “Theming” in Piwik, which is a feature we badly need indeed!!

I propose that you read the ticket first: Build "theming" feature in Piwik. · Issue #5597 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Maybe you would be interested to participate and implement this feature. We could do a simple Version 1 that would allow CSS customizations indeed.