Base de géolocalisation

Depuis le 15 janvier, j’ai 2 bases de données DBIP-City.mmdb du 5/2/2020 et GeoLite2-City.mmdb du 1/2/2019.
Est-il nécessaire de conserver cette dernière ?
Merci de votre aide


(sorry for the English answer)

Since around Christmas, Maxmind, the provider of the free GeoIP2 databases requires to sign up for an account and agree to their license to download the files. So Matomo switched to DB-IP as a default in 3.13.1.
The GeoLite2-City.mmdb is therefore not needed anymore.

Again: Please excuse the use of English. I’m just not fluent enough to compose a meaningful reply in French. and you well know that Google Translate is equally illiterate.

If you sign up for that MaxMind account, you can download the most recent GeoLite2-city.mmdb database, and use it to provide Geolocate information to Matomo. You should delete the DB-IP file.

You will find that the MaxMind database is more accurate. When this database is used, Matomo is able to show you the region/province/state of your users’ locations. You don’t see this information when the DB-IP database is used.

The problem of incomplete location information when the DB-IP database is used was reported as a bug 3 weeks ago, but no action has been taken so far, and the bug report has not yet been accepted into the system. At this time, it is not clear whether the missing location information is a problem in Matomo or whether the DB-IP database is at fault.

So: You will get better results if you allow Matomo to use the MaxMind database.

Thank you for your answers


You are right that it seems like the MaxMind database is a bit more precise. And you can use the URL with your account token in Matomo to update it.

Just keep in mind that when you want to use the new databases, you have to comply to the End User License Agreement: GeoLite2 End User License Agreement | MaxMind

And it contains additional rules like having to destroy outdated database files that you have to comply to.