Bandwidth tracking

I’m new to Piwik and I’m having a hell of a time tracking bandwidth usage on my site. What I mean, seeing we have a bandwidth cap, how do I monitor bandwidth on the websites that piwik tracks? Is there something I’m overlooking?

Not currently a Piwik feature.

So you’re telling me that currently, it’s not possible to track bandwidth used by visitors visiting my site? Most of the other analysis tools that I’ve tried do so, I would think that this feature would be top of the “to be included list”.

you were probably looking at totally different “analytics tools” which were based on apache logfiles.
piwik is simply tracking the visitors by some javascript calls to the backend, it doesn’t know anything about the bandwidth used.
compare it to tools like google analytics or etracker.


I said it’s not currently a feature. It’s absolutely possible using a custom plugin and some tooling on your web server.

This feature is the only reason I have not been able to switch over to Piwik. If anyone can do this plugin I would be happy to donate to development costs.

A number of factors, including whether you’re on a shared hosting account or have a dedicated server, would influence the solution.

Some approaches include:

  • install mod_log_sql (to log requests to a database instead of a file), or
  • configure a CustomLog using pipes to a PHP script, or
  • configure Apache with AcceptPathInfo=On, a little URL rewrite magic, and a PHP script, or
  • install and configure mod_filter to call an external script. (Probably the least desirable method as all the content flows through the script.)