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Probably any developer can answer the following question. I am not a developer but I am configuring Piwik at work and I am not so clear how to make the Bandwitdth plugin to work.

We installed the plugin and it is active, but when I display “Pages” and “Downloads”, the columns for Average and Sum Bandwidth are not showing and it has passed several days. It seems that we are missing something.
We want to see what is gathering in real time, so we are not importing logs with “log importer”.
So, it seems that the only method is HTTP tracking API, which I don’t understand how this concept works.
We deployed Piwik Java script to the pages we want to monitor.
Looking at the FAQ of the plugin, there is a parameter bw_bytes=1234 , where does that parameter need to be defined? and Does the number 1234 mean that we can put any number there or is a fixed number?
Can you explain in detail (in step by step approach) how to accomplish the Bandwidth plugin to work?

Thanks a lot.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there

by default Bandwidth works when importing server logs that have the Bandwidth info. Otherwise you must set the tracking API parameter manually (from Javascript or if you use another SDK)