Bad language translation makes me have no desire to pay

I want to say,Simplified Chinese language version,Translation is very incomplete。It makes me feel really uncomfortable。Please improve the translation immediately, otherwise it will be very difficult for people who use Chinese to feel good about the product and pay for it.


Nobody on the Matomo team speaks Chinese, so we rely on people from the community to provide translations. This way Matomo is currently available in 66 languages.
As you can see on Transifex which we use to manage all translations, the Chinese translation is indeed only about two-thirds completed.

So if you want to help us make Matomo better for Chinese users, please help us by contributing to the translation (you can simply sign up on Transifex and join the team) or spread the word to get more Chinese-speaking people to help out.

After all we want Matomo to be usable by as many people as possible!

@ssr666 are you btw referring to the translated words that they are not translated properly, or the words that are not translated yet and show up in English?

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