Awstats import?



The log analytics page (Log Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo) claims that piwik can import historical logs from awstats:
Migrate from AWStats and Urchin easily by importing your historical logs into Piwik. Invest in the future by importing your logs in Piwik.

But I can’t find this option in the script - is there another script or option to that script that I’m missing? Without being able import old data it will be a hard sell to move existing users over to a new system.


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi Dom, what this means is that you can do with Piwik like you used to with AWStats, and import your server logs. There is no feature to import exsiting AWStats data. However hopefully you have kept your logs so you can re-import them in Piwik. What is your question exactly?


The wording on that page is a little ambiguous then, it implies (well, could imply, it did to me) that you can migrate from awstats by importing the historical awstats logs/stats into piwik. Importing old apache logs into piwik doesn’t really have anything to do with awstats.

I don’t have all the old logs unfortunately (been running awstats for many, many years). Has anyone else managed to get old awstats stats into piwik somehow? If not I’ll have a look and see if it might be possible to do so using the api (which looks awesome, btw!).