AWS RDS Instance Recommendation 10 million views


We are looking at setting up our stats server on AWS. We are aiming to handle 10 Million Pageviews. I wanted to get some input on which RDS instance everyone uses. For example, If I should go for a t3 or an m5? For EC2 I’m going for an m5.2xlarge.

We currently are running a Linode server (12 CPU/32gb ram) with matomo and mysql all in one.

Any input appreciated.


Hi James,

10M pageview per what timeframe? If you do that per year, you should be fine with a single node… haven’t done my math to be honest. If you do 10M per day, then you need a different setup than you now use.

I have just finished a major redo of our high traffic matomo instance. Now running at 8-10M per day easy and peaked at 36M a couple of weeks ago. I do have some tips, but then you need to tell me a little more.

You can also read: How to configure Matomo for speed User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo

We have ended up running with REDIS and a MasterSlave configuration. And optimised the configuration by splitting up the data capture from the data processing node.

Need more information, just let me know, I might just be able to share some stuff that helped me.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry about that. 10 million page views per month.

A 10M per month should be on a xlarge db and ws instance. As long as you do not have large traffic spikes you should be fine.