Avoid that custom dimension value is cropped in visitor log view

Your docs say that the current maximum length for a value of a custom dimension is 255 characters. We have the problem that we have for example one custom dimension of the visit scope that is 60 characters long. Due to that length, although it is in the valid range, it gets cropped with ... after 50 characters when viewed in the visitor log. When inspecting the string in the dev-tool, we even see that it’s the actual value is written in that incomplete form into the page; so the complete string is not even retrieved (?)


Instead of seeing the value {“quality”:100,“maxWidth”:3000,“maxHeight”:2000,“skip”:“no”}, we see the value {“quality”:100,“maxWidth”:3000,“maxHeight”:2000,"s… in the visitor log.

How can we assure that the non-shortened, full-length value is shown in the visitor log for the visit-scope custom dimensions of the visits??

Hi @fulstadev
I think you should create a ticket in GitHub:

Don’t hesitate to provide 2 screenshots:

  1. The visit log where custom dimension is cropped.
  2. The HTML part where the custom dimension is also cropped.