Average visits per page?


On my site I add new content once or twice a week. This results in a new page each time.
Now some pages have 1000s of views but have been online a year. Other pages only have 100s of views but have been online less than a month.

To accurately measure what my most popular pages are, I’d like to see “average visits per page”.
Is there a way to set that up?
A metrics that will calculate an average of the daily visits for each page, based on the amount of visits and the amount of time that the page has been online.

You can calculate “Visits per page” by doing the formula “Pageviews / Unique Pageviews”

Hi Matt,

I fail to see how dividing Pageviews by Unique Pageviews will show me the average daily visits per page.

This formula does the trick: “Total Visits per page” / “Days that his page has been online”.
But how do I put this formula in piwik?