Automatically exclue all users from being loged?

How can I set Piwik to automatically exclude every Piwik-user on my website from being loged?
I mean without having to manually set a stupid cookie for every browser.
Blocking useragents or IPs is not an option as well.

Did I just miss this feature or does it seriously not exist?? And if so, why?

No one?

This feature does not exist yet, because it is not trivial to know who is a Piwik user (ie. cross domain issues)

What? I don’t get it.
Whwn you log into Piwik, Piwik creates at least 2 cookies (auth and SESSID) to remember that you’re logged in. So everytime when piwik/index.php is executed for logging, the cookie should automatically be sent to it and thus it would know that it should not log anything. I don’t think that it matters from which domain the ajax request (or whatever) came.
You could also add an option to simply ignore any traffic that comes from an ip address that recently logged in. <- this would definitely be better than nothing and I think 99% of the users wouldn’t even need anything better than this.

Thanks for the suggestion, that’s a great idea! I’ve created a ticket for this feature request: New option to automatically exclude from being tracked all known users of Piwik · Issue #5117 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub