Automatic updates of GeoIP databases


is there any way to manually trigger the automatic GeoIP Update?
Need to check if the File Permissions of the manually placed DB File are correct … so that auto-updater can overwrite it.

Thank you
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

Not implemented sorry

ok :-/
is there any possibility to foresee WHEN the db file is going to be updated? So I can have a look in the Logfiles …


as it seems the auto update won’t work for me … configured it to update every week - and no GeoIP DB Update happened so far! :-/

guess updated DB should replace existing withing misc/, right?
right now I have it configured this way:

misc/GeoIPCity.dat -> GeoLiteCity.dat

is something wrong with that? Any chance to figure out why Auto-Update is not working on my installation?

Thank you
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

Why not just write a bash script put it in cron and have it do exactly what you want?

That is how I update the MaxMind dat files once a month. I picked a random day each month and just let cron do the rest.