Autocreate domains script

Hi, after the release log importer, I am trying to automate the new domain creation for the domains I host.
I started to create the tool from scratch to scan for .log files, create them in piwik interface if needed and assign them to a customer. Is there anything similar to this I could reuse?

The first part would be easily solved if --add-sites-new-hosts accepted the hostname parameter (because my logfiles dosn’t have it and can’t be modified)

More info about my issue on trac.
Log analytics list of improvements · Issue #3163 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

The script now accepts the log-hostname parameter to force requests to be recorded for a particular hostname

Yup, I did the patch :P, still thanks a lot for the speed to push it upstream, that really says a lot about piwik :slight_smile:

Thanks for the patch, we are always very happy to accept (quickly) nice patches – please consider contributing more :slight_smile: