Auto width or a parameter to control truncation in Downloads

That would be helpful to be able to set the width of tables or get a control over truncation.

My precise use case: Action => Downloads (maybe other places too!)

First thing is that I always have to "make it flat"
Then even if put in its own Dashboard, the downloads are always cut short.

I’ve found that the bad guy is in 1.12 datables.js in "\plugins\CoreHome\templates\datable.js"
And var truncationLimit = 50 (around line 1111)

The request:

Make this number (50) a parameter or change behavior so it takes full width of the page.

Other options would be to start truncation from the right to keep the filename itself instead of the beginning of URL (but that’s half-baking solution IMHO).

Same for PDF export, the report is almost useless even by adding “&flat=1” since truncation happen there too.