Auto Upgrade overwites global.ini.php

(timwood) #1

I’ve updated twice using the auto update and I just noticed last night that it appears to overwrite my configuration changes in global.ini.php upon upgrade. Is there a configuration file that I should be editing instead of global.ini.php for custom settings, or am I editing the correct file and the upgrade process just doesn’t account for changes to global.ini.php?

I need cookie_expire to always be “0” so that the piwik cookie isn’t persistent.


(vipsoft) #2

If you’re going to override a default, set it in config.ini.php.

(timwood) #3

Thanks for the response. Not sure how I missed from the beginning, maybe something that could be added to documentation. This is how I did it in my config.ini.php, did I do it correctly?

; by default, the Piwik tracking cookie expires in 2 years, lets change that...
cookie_expire = 0