Auto Archiving Problem

(zeta) #1


My Piwik installation works flawless when “enable_browser_archiving_triggering = 1”. But since we are going to use it in a big site with a lot of hits, we are planning to head the Auto-Archiving way for faster loading.

I followed the steps in, but for debugging purposes I decreased all the timings. This is my changed configuration:

time_before_today_archive_considered_outdated = 10
enable_browser_archiving_triggering = 0


          • /var/www/html/misc/cron/ > /dev/null

mysql timezone = UTC
php timezone = UTC
linux timezone = UTC
All of them with the same time
PHP has a memory limit of 512M has 777 access (rwx)

The problem is that when looking at the dashboard or making an API call (/index.php?module=API&method=VisitsSummary.getVisits&idSite=1&period=day&date=last10&format=xml&token_auth=xxxx) rarely return today’s stats (if it does, next refresh returns empty field). It does always return yesterday’s stats, though.


But when I execute directly “# sh /var/www/html/misc/cron/”, it does return today’s stats:


I thought maybe the crontab had problems, so I tried: “* * * * * /var/www/html/misc/cron/ > /dummyfile”, but it also produces the same previous results (includes today’s stats).

I’m using the latest version v0.5.4. I’ve read numerous posts but haven’t found anyone having similar issues.
Many thanks.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

I know this is a bit confusing, but this is probably caused by your time_before_today_archive_considered_outdated being set to 10 seconds or something small?

when the archive is requested but was last processed 2min ago, if the time_before_today_archive_considered_outdated is 10 s, it will actually not load the “outdated” archive but instead display no data. This is probably a bug… I created a ticket: