Auto Archiving doesn't work

(test-user) #1


The automatic hourly archiving doesn’t work. (Piwik 0.6.3)

Normally I use Crontabs like this:

/usr/bin/GET ""

In Piwik I use this every hour:

/usr/bin/GET ""

But it doesn’t work. Via email I only get the content of the

Here is some Data of my Server:
Apache-Version 2.2.15
PHP-Version 5.2.13
MySQL-Version 5.1.47

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(Matthieu Aubry) #2

You should setup the crontab as explained in the doc:

GETting the will not work since it is a shell script and should be executed by /usr/bin/sh

(test-user) #3

now it works. crontab is:
5 0 * * * sh /home/webuser/public_html/