Auth-token and other questions (login does not work)

I cannot log anymore to my matomo-installation (self hosted matomo)*. OK But it would be enough to use a Wordpress-Plugin to import the basic data into my wordpress. So I tried a plugin. For installing it asks me to use the URL of my matomo-installation (that was quite easy) and the auth-token which is in the database and in the adminarea. As I cannot login anymore: Is the auth-token that is shown in the mysqladmin the real one or is it encrypted? Cause I used the auth-token as it is shown in the database, but there are no results visible in wordpress. (0 visitors in the last 30 days…)

OK, the question whether the auth-token is shown encryptet or not is the first on. but nevertheless I would be glad to see, why I cannot login… (

*For those who want to read it all:
So I tried to give me a new password (failed, some strange error occured) also changing the pw via mysqladmin failed. All trials ended with a strange error-report that asks me to alllow cookies (I allow cookies) and to congigurate matomo different in case that I use a prxy (which I do not.)

So I do not understand at all anymore. Even the sending og the password to the admin by mail does not work anymore…

Any ideas?


Do you by chance have any browser extensions that might block something? Could you try using another browser?

The token is as-is in the database. Encrypting it wouldn’t provide any security benefit as an attacker who has access to Matomo would also have access to the decryption key.