Audio Doorbells for pages

Since I am somewhat visually challenged, a few years ago I had set up a rudimentary doorbell system for specific pages on my site. For example, the home page would make a “sonar ping” type sound, and then key pages of my site would also emit specific audio tones, each customized for the specific pages. Since the ear is quicker than the eye, it was a great non visual way to monitor my web traffic.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could click on a page icon as it pops up in piwik’s " Visitors in Real Time" display then have a small pop up window allow you to assign a sound to that page? All available sounds could reside in a …/audio/library directory so you could add any sounds you like.

You could mute the whole thing if sounds are not your thing.

Seems like a perfect add on for PIWIK.

I agree with this idea. I am slowly losing my eyesight too. We all are unfortunately.