Attribute Events to Pages

Hello all,

Totally new to the forums. I have a very specific question:

How do you attribute all events to a specific page in reporting? For example, I'm on a specific page:, and I want to view a report in Piwik that can show me all the events fired on the page, like an in-page link.

When I look at the Piwik demo, I can see Events with no deeper info available. Are events the way to go, or should I use another tactic, like Content Tracking (I cannot find an example of what Content Tracking looks like in reporting).

Thanks in advance!

I am also interested in this.
Can it be done from the platform as is, or do I need to create a new plugin to expose this functionality

Piwik has the data internally that events are coming from this page URL or that Page URL. but we don’t yet process or show the data in the way you are looking for. maybe later we could display events in the Transitions report? Transitions – Analyze the previous and following actions of your visitors for each page - Analytics Platform - Matomo