Asynchronous tracking with multi site proxy script?

I have a number of sites working off a common Piwik installation and am using the proxy script to mask the location.

Can I also use the Asynchronous tracking script with this?

I tried changing making the same changes as recommended for the usual javascript code, ie - change the domain to the local one, change piwik.js to piwik.php, but it does not seem to be working.

Any ideas of that I might have missed or is this not possible?

That’s a good question, I just released officially the proxy script and added FAQ at: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I haven’t yet tested with asynchronous, but I think it should work exactly the same.

Did you make it work (you can use firebug to see the request or javascript errors if any)

Yes it’s working now thanks, but the example code is missing forward slashes after each {$PIWIK_URL} which need to be added to make it work.