Assistance with figuring out a Site search while capturing range data

Hey everyone - I really appreciate any comments as this community is a great draw on knowledge for me.

That said I am using Site Search and I would like to find a way to recognize more than a search category and KW but all search operators.

Example search is “/search?city=vegas&date=10/10/2022&date2=10/19/2022&type=conference”

So my category I can force as “city” and I can capture the KW’s recognized as date, type, etc, as KWs in the report - but then I see the actual date searched in the KW report 10/10/2022 (for example).

What I would like to achieve is stringing the data together so I could see the dates searched for as a list, or as a range. That way I could see X users searched X “date” and X “city” X amount of times.

Maybe the custom reporting module but it would seem to rely on the Site Search functionality from what I can tell.

Would love any suggestions please, thank you.

Hi @nurango

I would suggest you may use the Form analytics:

Also visible on the demo:

But you can’t see the detail of entered values…
Another solution could be to use action custom dimension on the additional fields values…