Are visits via RSS not counted anymore?

Dear all,

I use Matomo as a full install with version 4.13.3. The last update was successfully installed. But since then, only visits that come from RSS feed are not counted.

I can tell it because normally, I have visits every day, sometimes RSS brings the second most counts in the “channels” section. And every month on the first day, my RSS-driven campaign via MailChimp is shipped and produces hundreds of visits in Matomo in the RSS section.

But nothing happened. It is as if the RSS-driven campaign was not shipped. But it was. I am not aware that I’ve changed anything.

My Matomo installation is connected to my WordPress blog. The old My-Matomo plugin was not developed anymore, and the plugin “Matomo Analytics” wants to create new tables in the existing WordPress database. So it is unusable for me. I’m using the “Simple Matomo Tracking Code” for placing the Matomo snippet. But the change in plugins did not happen yesterday, a few weeks before.

What could have happened? And how can I change it, so Matomo starts counting RSS visits again?

Thank you very much.

(If you want, you can reply in German.)


Nobody with ideas? I just want to find out if this is normal behavior or not. OK, maybe my description was not clear enough. But if this is the case, then you can always ask for details. Thank you very much.

I resolve my own question.

My issue was related to the WordPress plugin WP-Matomo. Once I’ve reinstalled it, I could set “Track links in RSS feeds as campaign” to active. And this did the trick.
I had the misunderstanding that this is a OOTB Matomo function, but it is a function of the plugin instead.