Are Google / Facebook pixel / cookies, RGPD compliant using Matomo's tag manager


I have a question regarding the RGPD, we would be interested to use Matomo in our company, we’re currently using Google / Facebook ads tags to track when people subscribe to our site through our form.

We only send personal data to our CRM so we can contact those subscribers later, but we don’t send those personal datas to Google / Facebook. We’re mainly interested in getting the data from the url (utms parameters and custom ones) and send them to Google / Facebook so we know “this person” subscribed and thanks to “this campaign” with “this fbclid / gclid”.

My question is : if tomorrow we use Matomo and use your Tag manager and send those data I wrote about earlier to Google / Facebook for example, are we still respecting the RGPD rules ? Or do we still have to put a cookie banner on our website ?

Does Matomo in some ways, filters “personal datas” from people (IPs / Geolocation…) before we send those datas to Google / Facebook ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


The Facebook, Google, etc. Tags in Matomo Tag Manager just embed the regular tracking code by the respective owner. So from a privacy point of view it is the exact same as if you would embed Facebook, Google, etc. directly into the website.


Thanks for your answer !