Are Campaings correctly designed?

Hello Piwik users and developers,

I have just started with Piwik and I am not sure if I have well understood how campaigns works, or if that is a design problem.

A visit starts with each new user-visit (obviously) and last for 30 minutes (predefined), and if the link has a campaign (i.e. email link), this info is associated to a visit level.

That wise, let’s say that the user leaves my page, and comes again 20 minutes later from an tweet (and that should be a different campaign that the one from the email)
Then, the visit remains the same (as it is inside those same 30 minutes).

So, the information about the twitter campaign get lost somewhere, I can not see in the interface, neither in the data stored in the mySQL tables.

I am using not correctly the campaigns?

Are campaigns not mean/designed to work like such?

If you are using Piwik 2.11+, Piwik by default forces a new visit if there’s a different campaign than the original which started the visit.

Sorry but i think I have something misconfigurated.
I enter this url (web.html?pk_campaign=manzanera) with piwik traking code installed and the server register it all right as seen in here but then i open another campaign url (web.html?pk_campaign=letsread) piwik don’t close the visit and opens a new one with the campaign as seen here and here it just add new page view.
Did I have to change something in the configuration?
I’m using piwik 2.16

This one should be set to 1: piwik/global.ini.php at 2.16.0 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub
It’s the default setting.

Hello again and thanks for the tip but in the config file, that flag is enabled (see in here ) as in the default file from github
It seems that I have other thing misconfigurated because it won’t work any ideas?

so no idea should i reinstall piwik?