Archiving Problem (no param found), 1.7.1

Hi everyone,

I also have a problem running the archive script.
If I call the script directly in the working directory via

php5 archive.php --url=

everything works fine. But when I install the cronjob, and I call the script via

php5 /var/www/........./archive.php --url=

I just get the following:

(13:26:42) [~] php5 /var/www/......../archive.php --url=
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.2.13
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8

[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620] Usage:
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]        /path/to/cli/php "/var/www/......./archive.php" --url= [arguments]
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620] Arguments:
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]        --url=[piwik-server-url]
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]                        Mandatory argument. Must be set to the Piwik base URL.
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]                        For example: --url= or --url=
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]        --force-all-websites
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]                        If specified, the script will trigger archiving on all websites.
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]                        This can be used along with --force-all-periods to trigger archiving on all websites and all periods.
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]        --force-all-periods[=seconds]
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]                        Triggers archiving on websites with some traffic in the last [seconds] seconds.
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]                        [seconds] defaults to 604800 which is 7 days.
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]                        For example: --force-all-periods=86400 will archive websites that had visits in the last 24 hours.
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]        --force-timeout-for-periods=[seconds]
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]                        The current week/ current month/ current year will be processed at most every [seconds].
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]                        If not specified, defaults to 3600.
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]        --accept-invalid-ssl-certificate
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]                        It is _NOT_ recommended to use this argument. Instead, you should use a valid SSL certificate!
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]                        It can be useful if you specified --url=https://... or if you are using Piwik with force_ssl=1
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]        --help
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]                        Displays usage
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620] Notes:
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]        * It is recommended to run the script with the argument --url=[piwik-server-url] only. Other arguments are not required.
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]        * This script should be executed every hour via crontab, or as a deamon.
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]        * You can also run it via http:// by specifying the Super User &token_auth=XYZ as a parameter ('Web Cron'),
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]          but it is recommended to run it via command line/CLI instead.
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]        * If you use Piwik to track dozens/hundreds of websites, please let the team know at
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]          it makes us happy to learn successful user stories :)
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]        * Enjoy!
[2012-02-29 12:26:59] [219da620]

Any ideas why this happens?


Sorry I don’t know why this would happen? Maybe you need to add a parameter to your php5 script?
or try upgrade php?

No, any other script works fine.
I’m using PHP 5.3.8 on this machine, but it doesn’t work.

It’s hard for me to search for a bug, because there is no error message sent by Piwik, just the script usage.

Hey, no ideas? Happened after upgrading to 1.7. Direct call to was possible without any problems.