Archiving & or SQL Error

Hi Team, we realized that we have the following issue with our Mamoto Installation:
The Diagnostic page showed us: Last Successful Archiving Completion error Archiving last ran successfully on Thursday, August 6, 2020 21:04:48 which is 8 days 12:43:13 ago
and on the Mamooto Reporting page we have the following Error Message, not sure if they not sure if they are connected:
Visits over time: WP DB Error: [1173] This table type requires a primary key SQL: CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE wp_matomo_logtmpsegment467c0582d8274a41c81513a2e3da73ce (idvisit BIGINT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL)

It is useful for the investigation that I copy and paste the whole system report in this thread?
We have no idea where to start with the trouble-shooting.
Thanks a lot in advance


This is strongly related to this thread:

Since a few versions ago Matomo uses TEMPORARY TABLEs to store some data during archiving. As these tables are temporary and only have one column, they don’t need an index for performance and therefore have no primary key. This works fine for most users, but it seems you (and a few other people) have set up the Database server to refuse to create any table without a primary key, which therefore breaks this part of Matomo.

As there are more people with such a database setup, a fix is being developed in the last few days:

It would be great if you could report back if this works for you.

Hi Lukas,
thank you very much for the link and information, I tryed to figure out what to do here (I am not a coder so I am a bit lost with the link) but the problem is gone overnight, no clue what happen here.
Greetings from Upper Bavaria!

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