Archiving on Solaris


Hi, I run piwik 1.5.1 on a Solaris 10 box. Everything works fine only the script for archiving doesn’t work. I get the following error:

./ local: not found
./ readlink: not found
./ realpath: not found
Usage: dirname [ path ]
Can’t open /…/…/config/config.ini.php
Can’t open /…/…/config/config.ini.php
./ no: not found
./ no: not found
./ no: not found

the commands readling. realpath etc. are nknown to me. Are they maybe only availabe on Linux systems?
Anyne got this to work on Solaris’ Thanky for help and advices.

Regards, Stefan

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

wait for next release there is a new archiving script in PHP, easier to use on other platforms… I will update the doc before the release


that is good news. Thank you very much for the quick answer.
Regards Stefan