Archiving no longer works

I received an email error from WordPress on the Matomo plugin. Archiving doesn’t seem to work anymore because the plugin tells me “WP DB Error: [1637] Too many active concurrent transactions”.
I tried to find the solution through different forums but without success.
I will be grateful if you can help me! Thanks in advance.

Hi @marinelvsq, sorry for the delay.

Can you please provide us a copy of your system check: How do I find and copy the system report in Matomo for WordPress?

Hi! Here is the report:

Hi @marinelvsq thanks for that. Can you confirm roughly how many hits you have per month?
You can try to Archive less often and at low traffic times.

Also as per your system check - could you try address and resolve this error;

  • Error Database Capabilities: error (UTF8mb4 charset CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES MySQL CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES permission is required for Matomo to work properly.

Hi! Thanks for your feedback.
The site generates few visits, less than 30 per month.
Concerning the SQL error, CREATE TEMPORY TABLES option is checked at the hosting company.
Thank you for your help.

I have contacted my web host and he confirms that the CREATE TEMPORY TABLES option is activated.
I still have the problem of archiving and I can’t use my statistics since 2 months unfortunately.
Do you have another idea?
Thanks in advance.

I’m having a similar issue - archiving used to work and a few days ago it just stopped.

Wondering - is there a way to manually trigger the cron overnight?

While we look at this, here is one potential framing of the issue:

The most common limit is an inadequate Wordpress database size.

Check and see if your host is providing a large enough database resource for you. The ratio of
site traffic : database resources can get quite high in some Wordpress sites.

Troubleshooting this starts with finding an earlier PHP error message in the server which is running Matomo, occurring before and perhaps simultaneously with the Too many active concurrent transactions error.

And as @rockyshark suggests, the cron could be a partial remedy. If you have access to the command line interface (terminal commands) or a crontab, you can add an option to the core:archive command you are running.
This option would be as follows in the crontab:
core:archive --concurrent-archivers=X (Where X is the defined number of concurrently running archivers, for example 2 or 3).