Archiving ignores / filters url patterns

Matomo: 4.15
MySQL version: 8.0.32
PHP version: 8.2.1
Running in Windows 2019

Follow up of: Missing data in Behaviours and Page Titles

The site being monitored uses 3 kind of urls with ID:

  • : the content was first created on the leader of the app
  • : the content was first created on the first replica
  • : the content was first created on the second replica

XXXXXX is a sequential number.
The p[l1|r1|r2] is unique and an id never changes.

When archiving / creating reports in Matomo, only contents containing pr1_XXXXXX are being analyzed and available. All others urls are not available event though they do exist in the database.

I invalidated several dates and recreated the reports but nothing changes.

php.exe "D:\Matomo\console" core:archive -vvv --force-idsites="2" --url=>>matomo-archive.log 2>>error-archive.log

It executes with no errors. Debug mode is of no help here.

Same if called from the api

Why is Matomo ignoring the datas ?

Thank you for your help !

Hi @Vincent_Tison
Are you sure pl1_XXXXXX and pr2_XXXXXX raw data are available in Matomo?

There a screenshot in my other post

Hi @Vincent_Tison
Sorry, in your other post, was about id_action_url_ref , not about the action itself. And actions can be pageviews but also other types of actions.
Can you share a screenshot (with selected date and segment visible) of the visit log where all kind of page views urls are visible. Don’t forget to hide any personal or sensitive data before posting the screenshot…

In the end it’s the same problem.
At first I didn’t understand the archiving process, I was seeing the data in the table and thought it was queried straight from the UI for the reports.

Can you clarify what screenshot you’d like please ?

A search in ‘Pages’ for ‘pr2_863874’ returns nothing
With idaction_url and the type of the action