ARCHIVES doesn't refresh the current month visitors?


I’ve setup the auto-archiving for my stats, but there is something that I can’t understand.

For one of our websites, this month, we had about 2 000 visitors (from the 1st day of the month, till today),

but when we check into the dashboard of the site for the current month, the dashboard do not display this total.

I didn’t understand so I’ve decided to go to Settings > General > Allow Piwik archiving to trigger… and I set to “Yes”, and then, the total has been automatically updated.

Do you know why the auto-archiving script didn’t update this total by itself ?

I’ve checked, the auto-archiving cronjob is running every minute and working fine!

Thank you!


The cronjob shouldn’t really be run every minute. At most it should be ran every half an hour since if its run every minute its likely to just be falling over itself.

Try turning the cronjob off and then run it through SSH to let it fully run through for once. I have a feeling your stats will come back then. If this works, change the cronjob to only run every half hour or so.

Hi Mooash, thank you for the answer.

If I set the cronjob to run only one time / 30 minutes, the statistics will not really be LIVE, right ?

Can I try to set it one time / 5 minutes ?


Hey Jonothan,

Thats correct. The “Visitors in Real Time” widget is always live, changing the cronjob time doesn’t change that widget.

As you can see here changing the cronjob time down from 5 minutes doesn’t actually change when reports are generated unless you change the time when reports are generated. I guess you have?

As much as you want live reports, it can still be better to just run the cronjob and check every half hour for an update.

Did you try just letting the cronjob run through once completely?