Archived reports missing tens of millions of visits from 2020 after update

Last week we updated to 4.2.0. After that we were missing tens of millions visits. Something went terribly wrong with our data!

First of all

  • Our sys admin updated though command line as always, nothing special. According to the change log there were nog major database updates in this releases.
  • I checked via api and we have all raw data from 1st of July and onwards (as expected). Nothing has been deleted there. We didn’t have the raw data from before July before we updated either.
  • We did not invalidate any reports nor did we delete further raw data in the process of updating.
    What else?..we are using 5 or 6 premium plugins and Matomo Tag Manager

After upgrade:

  • We are missing ALL reports from the 10th of August till 31st of December
  • Daily reports work from the 1st of January till the 9th of august 2020
  • Weekly reports work from the 1st of January till the 9th of August’
  • Monthy reports do not return any data
  • Yearly report does return a fraction of what should have been reported
  • Same results when I use date range from the 1st of January till 31st of December
  • Daily report (the day) after update was missing about 50 procent
  • Last 24 hour report in app however did report 100 procent, so new raw data is present

Updating to 4.2.1 did not resolve the problem

I had no other option then to restore the backup we made before update, we are now missing a couple of days which is not a big deal. However some day we’ll need to update again, not looking forward to do :slight_smile:

I could have reprocessed reports from July onward but even new reports were messed up. Besides I could not reprocess older 2020 reports because we don’t have the raw data. And I really needed the 2020 reports.

I don’t really expect any solution here but you never know, maybe someone is experiencing something similar after updated to 4.2.0


The only vaguely related issues I know of are


Thanks Lukas,
I will dive into those issues when I have time later today. We did make a backup of the server before we restored so we can always compare databases (which is a whopping 80 GB, Archived reports since 2017 and raw data from July onward :))