Archive table size

After 2018, our archive tables started getting very large.

We are running 4.4.1, but I’m not sure what happened/started back in 2019

select count(*) FROM piwik_archive_blob_2018_12;
4212 rows

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM piwik_archive_blob_2019_01;

902488 rows

These are very different

SELECT COUNT(NAME),NAME FROM piwik_archive_blob_2018_12 GROUP BY NAME;
155 rows

SELECT COUNT(NAME),NAME FROM piwik_archive_blob_2019_01 GROUP BY NAME;
701 rows

I see the prevalence of Goals (which we don’t even use!)

Drilling into a single site I can see a lot of these Goals tracked around ItemsCategory

That site is not an eCommerce-enabled site, we have no goals configured yet we are storing Gb worth of data. Any insight as to how to trim this down?