When I setup this through CP of my hosting provider, I get this error:

php binary not found. Make sure php5 or php exists in PATH.

PHP certainly exists. I tried etering the path in front of the command based on some suggestions from the web like this:

/pathtophp/ /path/

but I would get this:

/pathtophp/: Permission denied

Should the path be within the code?


An update. I learned how to enter the path into the script. Now I get another error:

/LocalPath/misc/cron/ /usr/local/etc/php53: Permission denied

How do I set the user that the cron job is run under? I set cron through CP.


Ask your host again. You need the full path to the php (cli) executable.

It looks like they gave you the path to the directory where the php.ini file is located.

Thanks and very true. I actually picked the directory myself from phpinfo. Host gave me the right path and it worked.