Archive.php-Cron: What DB-Table changes?


I’m trying to split the tracking (piwik.php) and archiving/reporting (archive.php + UI) on different servers because of performance issues. Therefore I’m running mysqldump with all Piwik tables on my tracking server and import the dumpfile on archiving/reporting server. But the dumpfile is getting bigger and bigger.

Which db tables can I exclude from mysqldump without losing any data? Can I limit the rows of “piwik_log_…” for a timerange (last x days)?

Is misc/cron/archive.php changing any tables but “piwik_archive_…”?


archive.php will insert new records in archive_ tables only (not change visits/actions/etc), it will read many tables

also will insert records in piwik_option table etc.

Is the PiwikTracker only using INSERT into log_* table or also UPDATE?

it does not insert in log_

So so where and how is piwik.php writing all the tracking data?

You are confused. piwik.php does not write any archive data (archive.php does)