Archive or not?

The documentation tells me to use a cron job as using Piwik without it, takes a while creating reports.
But will it buffer or cache or create such an archive eventually? Or do I realy need to use the job to make things permanent?
It will be on a Windows environment, but I’ve seen some solutions for that already.

It’s already doing the archives tables. You could see this by using phpMyAdmin.
It does two tables per month. But only tables for months already in the past can be permanant.

Actually, i’ve delete thoses archives tables many times for them to be recreated after updating something. The tables are recreated when asking Piwik to show stats for a perticular month (or year). This is only possible because Piwik doesn’t purge the logs in the current version. If we would delete the archives after the logs have been purge, we would loose stats.

The cron job isn’t really necessary for smalls sites that dont receive a real lot of visit per month.

Thanks for the clear explanation!