Archive Cronjob - Behaviour + Error E-Mail Notifications

(Andreas Schnederle-Wagner) #1

Hey there,

Feature Request for Archiving Cronjob:

  1. don’t reprocess all Websites if archiving fails fore some specific Websites (in my Case - 123 Websites out of 1107 triggered Error because of broken Table) - but all 1107 were reprocessed every Hour - maybe it’s possible to only reprocess the Websites which triggered the Error …
  2. E-Mail Notification of Admin if Archive Cronjob fails with Error (Wouldn’t have noticed that Error for a long time if - by pure coincidence - I wouldn’t have installed libmaxminddb + MaxMind-DB-Reader-php C Module the same day and closely looked into performance metrics because of that … :roll_eyes:)

Reason: GeoIP2 + libmaxminddb + MaxMind-DB-Reader-php C Module Performance

thx, bye from sunny austria
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner