Archiv inkompatibel: PCLZIP_ERR_MISSING_FILE (-4)


While trying to update PIWIK automatically from 2.12 to 2.12.1 I get this message:

Archiv inkompatibel: PCLZIP_ERR_MISSING_FILE (-4) …

See attached png.

Has anyone an idea how to solve this problem? I would like to use the automatic update function.


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

if you try again the auto-update do you again get the same error?


I tried and got this fatal error (see screenshot in attached .png).

Returning to PIWIK, I see that it´s updated to the new Version. Really thrilling!

I´m only the adminitrator for a clients website and my client would like to update piwik by herself. But with these errors messages she will not have the nerves to do it.

Is there a solution?

Thank you so much